And This Is Where The Tragic Happens

by Oliver Wilde

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released April 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Oliver Wilde Bristol, UK


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Track Name: Afternoon Mesh 847
Fast dark comedies playing me for keeps,
Drawn blanks punched the lines, still recurring clean
Calls edge anything, my antiquated deeds
Clasped in amber sap, randomish indeed

Like mother like daughter you can tell
Says If you’re gonna do something, do it well
Leaves rickets kneed knocked party hurst
Doesn’t say much but when she does, fuck

We’ll try some yah it’s my kind of thing
Don’t need control we’re in a rush
To get numb blunt Windsor hum
Pulled hard pouts Stick to the plan,

Stuck making lists of things our lives are missing
Until the kids gets joining cults again
Nothing to show for it come on get in
We’ll take you both to a new beginning

Still makes me sad to think about
That ritual split get paired away
Hazard a guess she’ll still be there
Scatter you in a trail of thoughts, again.

Fast tracked comedies playing me for keeps,
Drawn blanks punched the lines, still recurring clean
Calls edge anything, she’s making up for it
Gets down, draws the line, bottomless and bleak
Track Name: Companion Piece
Medea bets but all odds are bad
Forgets her fake orchids hang slumped towards the ground
Black under eyed, her red shirt, this morning was white
The joke wears molecular thin
Asks the son kind
To wait patient outside
She knows he won’t mind
She’ll be ready, we’re sure, in time

Weds waking hours with skillful contain
Convinced the news lady keeps saying her name
Tells her they mean well short phone calls away
Salt pinched worn with winning malaise

God peered from the stage wing
Finale curtain spirit lift
Or at least she thinks
Guess it’s best to expect nothing

Asks the sun kind
To wait patient outside
She hopes it won’t mind
She’ll be ready, we’re sure, in time
Track Name: Bent Pretty On The Morph Ray
Placed upon the morph ray
When they turned me into the perfect flower
And oh how they adored me
Composed sonnets about me
Now I’m lying on the side of a road, in a bunch
As a memorial to someone who choked, on lunch
Lab grown but I’m doing my part
I meant to happen o…vernight
No need for a sense, of time

Placed before a great god
And she showed me a great world
And oh how she adored me
Composed planets around me
In a momentary subtlest change, of heart
Apparitions and a turn of events, called off
Repeat myself until I am true, this you must see
Learn me language of, body
Tablet cure for eter…nity, take me
Track Name: Dreg Queen
Found something akin to bravery in the most heroic dose
Made from white powders of mystics who travelled through time
Now there’s blank space where your beautiful face used to be
Has been replaced by new contours less pure and empty
Your eyes, they’re like fountains, they’ve been pouring for days
Your lifes on display, your friends look amaze When they can’t escape your rain

Can’t stand being reminded but everything does
I’m going to laugh about dying now, why just because
Something so certain I wish to know how that feels
The most dangerous of obsessions no one wants to hear
Dismissed as a coward or just misunderstood
Please excuse me But there’s no need to bare anything if no one else could

this world was never meant to be
My arc of safety I never built
These beds were made neat
Fuck traditions and the sacred

What, seemed like a lifetime contained in moments
Like the ones we just left and the ones you’re still in
Where something unplanned happened you begged no one to ask
Said everything I’ll need I’ll find in someone else
But this is your world not mine turning in on itself
Who needs the proof when for you failure is honest success?

We’ll catch up as just friends like old times at funerals
Where no amount of thinking and no amount of time
Can make you feel any less like you are home
Because If you’re not truly loved, you are truly alone
I’ve trying to explain it but words never will
You know you’re free to leave whenever you please
Lost your heart well lets find it in word pictures where life is still

Said if I was a violent storm
You’d have been the calm before
And yeah maybe I’ll fall out of love
Just not in this lifetime
Track Name: Walking Green Limes
Kiss me you’re so something, for this was truly an end,
Our final moments, incomes an explosion
The one we’d welcomed in to finish everything
And condemn this damned race, be remembered for it
No you’ve never looked more beautiful than round this tangerine blaze
When the skyline bleeds out in a red carousel haze

Tourists of ourselves when we want nothing more
Than to pose in effigy for future life forms
To learn our mistakes, leave the world a better place
Should have killed ourselves and got this planet saved
And our best intensions now, are all our great mistakes
Well the end a good place to start, get more of the same

So deserving of everything, we get
The pictures bigger than we accept

So forget about the future there isn’t one anymore
We’re just get well soon cards round our dying life force
No one cares what they’re for, everyone loves a good war
Proves there’s no need for language, that’s what violence is for
And moves made free of desire are the purest you’ll make
That’s why my friend none one of them ever get made

With no second chance, no next time around
Don’t you dare to look surprised when all but flames surround
As the last broadcast comes to makes the announcement
And prepare a scared world for the longest known sleeps
As the sky crashes down we felt the full weight of love
Lesson like a calmness or a space to meditate
But much more like a feeling found nowhere you can place
Track Name: I'm Aren't
Hit and kiss, little miss, kitty fisher finds her kitch
Quite the maid, who fucks with greys, lady tiger trainer finds the cage
Draped in sheets the ghost that cheats,
Mouthing pleads, no one leap reads
Lindy spends the night with Old Scratch
In the box where Roano goes
Went all Tunguska Sailing Stones on
Marfel lights with Hypnic jerks
Sectioned for dressing like a man
But kissed them all before she canned
Long drawn convalescence pouring
Atlas banquet cocktail parties
Saddles cloaked with silver prey
The transients with hoaxed remains

Commonplace, Or so they say, rumor has a grip always
X marked heads, fabricate, which part of us they invent first
Guess that’s how true leaders are made
Grand holes in the poles making plays

Infant collar pigeon goldie
Treatment check in has beens holding
Confirmed sightings of the body
Half nude uluru before me
Our eyes became the trading routes
So Safe and sorry come back later
Bad luck souvenirs butchering
Purged disorients it’s all good fun? anyone?
Track Name: Storm Warning
Browsed bottomless pits, perfect, suppose I’ll go get in
With the cheap, carbon copies, imitation, counterfeit
Worthless servant I’m of no relation to
Who send push pin, skin cells, rapid, swirl rings round the room
Primes they’ll make no mention of
The mother load blood centrifuge
Time will tell, I guess
Casket black out, blood clots, mishaps think humane
In dragnet commentaries single file alined
Someone’s having their time of our lives
The future is behind me now
Felt staged, anyway, Storm Warnings, We Needed
Forget the door you don’t answer that anymore
I am the greatest joke
Anyone ever told
Track Name: Chicken Out
Life is a film that no one is watching; so play any part, you’ll be a star,
Guess I’ll portray, the lovely guy, invisible, until he dies
Self analyze, until there’s nothing left, but empty shells and pointlessness
Tell all my friends, that I love them, but if they cared, guess they’d just know it
Identities well I’ll build mine cheap in factories to meet the briefs
Of sloganeers, that keep us sweet and forget about our dignity
Selling personalities they’re telling me, how I should feel
Reality is a spectacle, shaping all the worst mentalities
Abandoned pasts, Attention spans, Self educate, No middle ground
Then kindly does it, my ideals, I miss you more than possible
Where in Marianas lowest trench, ill be content with need nothing
Everything’s kind of eventual and has opened up my centerfolds

I’m a Dandelion, Starry cat, crywank, flat sound, happy gas
I’m a broken record, break up song, impossible unimpressionable
I’m Benzedrine, helium tanks, copper ribbon, citalopram
I’m Altruistic, moral codes, symbolic feats blind ambition
With nowhere to stand, No parachutes, so uninspired, disappointed
Yet another message sent, a message seen, a message read, fuck this life is hell
Asked for directions and all I got, was lost in my own troubled head
There is a door somewhere they said, you’ll find it when you drink my friend
Wanna save someone just like me, from balance beams or having dreams
I know it sounds, unreasonable; but something’s are just too hard to believe
Is it just me? Or is it really, no one is free, as they make it seem
Stick to the plan, we’re posturing to affrimate then Chicken Out