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Found something akin to bravery in the most heroic dose
Made from white powders of mystics who travelled through time
Now there’s blank space where your beautiful face used to be
Has been replaced by new contours less pure and empty
Your eyes, they’re like fountains, they’ve been pouring for days
Your lifes on display, your friends look amaze When they can’t escape your rain

Can’t stand being reminded but everything does
I’m going to laugh about dying now, why just because
Something so certain I wish to know how that feels
The most dangerous of obsessions no one wants to hear
Dismissed as a coward or just misunderstood
Please excuse me But there’s no need to bare anything if no one else could

this world was never meant to be
My arc of safety I never built
These beds were made neat
Fuck traditions and the sacred

What, seemed like a lifetime contained in moments
Like the ones we just left and the ones you’re still in
Where something unplanned happened you begged no one to ask
Said everything I’ll need I’ll find in someone else
But this is your world not mine turning in on itself
Who needs the proof when for you failure is honest success?

We’ll catch up as just friends like old times at funerals
Where no amount of thinking and no amount of time
Can make you feel any less like you are home
Because If you’re not truly loved, you are truly alone
I’ve trying to explain it but words never will
You know you’re free to leave whenever you please
Lost your heart well lets find it in word pictures where life is still

Said if I was a violent storm
You’d have been the calm before
And yeah maybe I’ll fall out of love
Just not in this lifetime


from And This Is Where The Tragic Happens, released April 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Oliver Wilde Bristol, UK


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